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Top OSHA Violations and How to Avoid Them

Posted by Brett Long on Oct 6, 2017 12:47:42 PM

Providing a safe work environment for employees should be a priority for your company. When compliance is overlooked and workers aren't trained properly or act carelessly an accident or injuries can easily occur.

Compliance with safety regulations will help your company to avoid accidents and costly OSHA violations that will stall your project or shut down a work site.

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Topics: Construction, Retail, Energy & Utilities, Telecommunications

5 Tips for How to Pass an OSHA Inspection

Posted by Brett Long on Jul 26, 2017 11:40:00 AM

You're not likely to receive prior notice of an OSHA inspection, so you need to be prepared for the possibility of an inspector dropping by your site. This should include providing regular training for your employees and conducting a job safety analysis to identify and address potential risks and hazards. Doing so will help you to avoid violations and expensive fines.

Follow these tips so you won't be caught off guard for your next OSHA inspection.

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Topics: Construction, Energy & Utilities, Retail, Telecommunications