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How Automation Is Changing the Oil & Gas Industry

Posted by Brett Long on Feb 4, 2019 11:10:47 AM

The oil and gas industry is going through a massive digital transformation in 2019. This transformation is being driven by multiple trends in technology and the broader economy. First, take a step back to look at the health of the industry.

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Building the Future: Top 7 Predictions about Construction Technology

Posted by Miranda Cheatham on Jan 29, 2019 3:15:09 PM

As construction companies continue to combat labor shortages and strive to differentiate themselves from the competition, they’ll need to consider current construction technology trends.

To improve your productivity and remain competitive, explore how these predictions will transform the construction industry in the year head.

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5 Key Benefits of Mobile Device Management Software

Posted by Miranda Cheatham on Jan 28, 2019 12:28:21 PM

Mobile devices such as phones and tablets are quickly becoming standard tools in the enterprise. Falling hardware costs and the arrival of 5G will make these devices even more valuable. For IT managers, the question will be the following: How do you manage those devices to maximize efficiency with minimal risk?

The answer lies in setting up a mobile device management (MDM) program. For a program to work, you need the right tools, such as an MDM software platform and the right staffing levels. For the moment, let’s assume that your staff is knowledgeable and able to see the gaps. You simply need to acquire an effective MDM software solution.

To get that software business case approved, you need to be savvy on explaining the benefits.

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8 Steps for Successfully Implementing a BYOD Policy

Posted by Miranda Cheatham on Jan 24, 2019 3:16:49 PM

BYOD policies give employees more flexibility to use their preferred smartphones at work. It’s a growing trend that IT needs to enable. Yet, a lot of IT managers remain nervous about giving up control over mobile devices.

To guide you through the process, use our 8-step plan. This will help you to address liability concerns, security, and the employee experience.

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7 Tips for Designing the Best Mobile Forms

Posted by Miranda Cheatham on Jan 8, 2019 1:41:09 PM

Building mobile forms with Device Magic’s drag and drop form builder is easy and straightforward. However, beyond the technical how-to of creating mobile forms, certain design strategies can improve the user experience of the forms you build.

The effect of UX on mobile forms is twofold. It can determine whether your staff embraces the new technology, and it can affect the accuracy of the entered information.

In an example of an enterprise software being used for power plant maintenance, a Deloitte Consulting executive told WSJ, “Only a fraction of total service requests were being tracked in the system because users were reluctant to tangle with [the software] every time they needed to enter a service request. After the company put a new front end on the system to improve the user experience, the number of service requests in the system spiked, and the plant achieved significant user adoption with virtually no training costs.”

After incorporating usability design, Deloitte reports a 300 percent increase in worker productivity, and 55 percent reduction in training time.

You probably already know that mobile forms are a better way to do business digitally. However, using good design can make the effect of the software measurably greater. In the seven design principles below, we’ll review easy ways you can optimize the design of your mobile forms.

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