5 Challenges for Field Service Management and How to Solve Them

Posted by Jess McWeeney on Mar 26, 2018 9:31:00 AM

Managing or being part of a team that works in the field has its challenges. Operations managers need detailed records of the work that is being done to inform supervisors and relay back to clients, while field technicians need to make sure they're on track to meet deadlines and that no steps are missed to avoid a return trip.

Not having access to key information from the field leads to problems and keeps you from making informed decisions. Billing cycles are held up, quality assurance and customer satisfaction can be impacted, and schedules of work have to be changed.

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8 Lies You've Been Telling Yourself About Paperwork

Posted by Jess McWeeney on Mar 15, 2018 9:33:00 AM

We get it, you’re used to using paper. And you probably think it’s not actually causing that much of a problem for your business. We hate to break it to you, but it’s all been a lie.

These are the lies you've been telling yourself and why they just aren't true.

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Construction Forms: Which Should You Digitize First?

Posted by Jess McWeeney on Mar 7, 2018 9:34:00 AM

In 2015, McKinsey & Company identified construction as one of the least digitized industries. Sadly, not much has changed since then. However, a few companies are looking for digitization opportunities. Digitization may be daunting — where exactly should you start? The answer is simple: focus on transforming your paper forms into digital assets.

Why focus on forms? Forms, checklists and related documents are the workhorses of business administration. Nearly every important process and workflow — whether it is safety, planning or project management — has forms that are critical to getting work done. Given how much you use forms at work, isn’t it worth finding ways to make them more efficient?

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5 Ways Mobile Forms Improve Daily Operations for Facilities Management

Posted by Jess McWeeney on Feb 20, 2018 9:44:00 AM

Think about the last time you needed to find a document from 2 years ago; did you spend 30 minutes digging through a box of old files? Or maybe your maintenance team needs to come into the office to get work assignments each day, and if something comes up during the day, you have to fax or email them the work request.

As a facilities or property manager, there’s a lot to manage everyday between maintenance work, leasing, and other operations tasks. When staff is spread out between buildings, units and the main office, you need to be able to communicate efficiently and make sure that the right work is getting done.

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Top 11 Ways to Use Mobile Forms

Posted by Jess McWeeney on Feb 13, 2018 9:45:00 AM

Technology has transformed how businesses operate. Employees are no longer restricted to a desk in order to get work done. Mobile forms enable employees who work in the field or outside of the office to collect and submit data in real-time from their mobile devices, ensuring business workflows can move forward even when an employee is offsite.

Paperwork is also received 25% slower and has 50% more errors than mobile forms, which should convince you to consider making the switch from paper. Here are some of the top ways mobile forms can be used by your business.

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