3 Strategies to Optimize Your Construction Training

Posted by Jess McWeeney on May 22, 2018 9:25:00 AM

What is your construction training program designed to achieve? Some companies focus on meeting minimum standards for safety. Other companies like HDR and Fluor — firms that recently built or repaired hundreds of bridges in Oregon — are known for their investments in bringing new people into the skilled trades.

With all the different possibilities, how can you get the best results from your training investment?

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The Digital Strategy for Boosting Construction Customer Loyalty

Posted by Jess McWeeney on May 8, 2018 9:39:00 AM

Construction projects take months or years to complete and require ongoing input from the customer. A proactive approach to customer service is essential to construction success. Instead of relying solely on charisma and sales ability to keep customers happy, use a relationship management approach.

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4 Simple Ways to Improve Construction Vendor Management

Posted by Jess McWeeney on Apr 4, 2018 9:05:00 AM

Managing vendors is an important part of operations for construction companies. But what happens when someone drops the ball? If a vendor is late in delivering bricks, concrete or electrical supplies, what happens to your productivity and project timeline? The project may face delays or grind to a complete halt.

When managing a variety of different vendors, it's critical to collect and track the right data to understand if things are working as they should or if you need to find a replacement.

Don't let a project get stalled because you're using the wrong vendor. Try these tips to proactively manage your vendors.

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Construction Forms: Which Should You Digitize First?

Posted by Jess McWeeney on Mar 7, 2018 9:34:00 AM

In 2015, McKinsey & Company identified construction as one of the least digitized industries. Sadly, not much has changed since then. However, a few companies are looking for digitization opportunities. Digitization may be daunting — where exactly should you start? The answer is simple: focus on transforming your paper forms into digital assets.

Why focus on forms? Forms, checklists and related documents are the workhorses of business administration. Nearly every important process and workflow — whether it is safety, planning or project management — has forms that are critical to getting work done. Given how much you use forms at work, isn’t it worth finding ways to make them more efficient?

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How To Conduct Annual Reviews At Your Construction Company

Posted by Jess McWeeney on Feb 22, 2018 9:45:00 AM

Annual reviews are a tried and true management tool that helps everyone understand their performance or where there is room for improvement. These guidelines will show you how to design an annual review process for your construction company.

Once you have considered all of the questions and points you want to cover in your annual reviews, we recommend using digital construction forms to keep that information accessible and stored digitally without needing to be entered manually. This will make it easier to look back on previous years' data. Choosing the right construction form builder will help to keep the process organized.

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