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Five Steps to Receiving Better Data from the Construction Site

Posted by Brett Long on Mar 4, 2019 2:26:53 PM

Construction supervisors have a ton of work on their plate. Consider what a typical work week might look like for them:

Supervise employees: As the supervisor, you need to check on employees to make sure they're following the schedule. From time to time, supervisors also have to work on union-related issues.

Maintain safety standards: Construction work is dangerous. Supervisors need to make sure all staff members attend safety meetings and receive functional safety training. If a safety requirement is missed, employees may suffer, and the company’s reputation will take a hit.

Work with the customer: Even the most understanding customers are going to have complaints occasionally. For example, a customer points out that construction noise on one floor is upsetting other tenants. A construction supervisor is often the first person to hear these complaints.

Complete head office requirements: If the above wasn't enough, there are also forms and paperwork to be completed for the head office. Compared to safety and employee issues, many supervisors see these forms as less important. Yet, those forms contain critical data for head office to detect problems and hit corporate goals.

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Device Magic vs. iAuditor: Mobile Forms Comparison

Posted by Miranda Cheatham on Feb 21, 2019 11:56:09 AM

Device Magic and iAuditor both offer mobile apps that are changing how companies do business.

This smart form-based technology is streamlining communications, automating data transfers, and increasing the efficiency of internal operations. In effect, the software is providing the advantages of digital forms that improve productivity, while also allowing staff to stay as mobile as if they were carrying around clipboards of paperwork.

However, despite the similarities of Device Magic and iAuditor, some striking differences between the apps could dramatically affect how they could be implemented at your business. To help you decide which software is best for your business, let’s take a detailed look at the two apps and compare their usage, features, reviews, and more.

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Device Magic Continues to Experience Significant Growth in Fiscal Year ‘18

Posted by Nancy Vodicka on Feb 20, 2019 11:19:24 AM

Device Magic, a leading global provider of mobile forms and data collection software, announced today that it once again demonstrated consistent, significant growth in fiscal year 2018. While remaining organically funded, the company reports experiencing over 450% three-year recurring revenue growth. In addition, Device Magic is expanding and recently moved its headquarters into a new space in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina to accommodate planned growth.

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[Buyer’s Guide] Best Mobile Devices for Your Business in 2019

Posted by Miranda Cheatham on Feb 11, 2019 1:59:16 PM

You may remember our 2018 Buyer’s Guide, a compilation of last year’s best smartphones, tablets and iPads for the field and office.

This year, we’re back with an updated guide featuring the latest buying advice to help you choose the best mobile devices for your team.

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Device Magic vs. GoFormz: A Mobile Forms Comparison

Posted by Miranda Cheatham on Feb 11, 2019 11:48:52 AM

Interest in business productivity remains high, and companies are increasingly turning to technology as a way to streamline operations and reduce mundane, repetitive tasks, so they can focus on high-value efforts.

A segment of technology called RPA, or robotic process automation, uses business rules, integrations, and smart automation to address operational inefficiencies.

According to McKinsey & Company, RPA technology has a potential ROI of 30 to 200 percent within the first year. Plus, the employee buy-in is significant. “In every case we looked at, people welcomed the technology because they hated the tasks that the machines now do, and it relieved them of the rising pressure of work,” said the report.

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