Chemtek Reduces Time to Complete Customer Jobs & Shorten Billing Cycles

Posted by on Sep 18, 2017 11:46:00 AM

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Chemtek is dedicated to providing the best level of service and innovative research for their customers and the aviation industry. Chemtek’s process of on-site data collection and ability to keep track of progress on jobs was challenging, resulting in fewer updates for their customers and slower billing. With Device Magic mobile forms and data collection software, Chemtek established a consistent process for data collection and managing progress on jobs - saving hundreds of administrative hours and completing customer jobs faster.

Device Magic mobile forms and data collection allows Chemtek to get information from the field or job site, keep track of inventory, and billing essentials in real-time. Managers can make adjustments to schedules and understand what stage a project is in at all times, making sure that project requirements and deadlines are met.

With Device Magic, Chemtek has been able to collect data more efficiently and ultimately save time by using mobile forms. “Before it took months to get information back. Now we’re getting it within weeks, if not days,” said Chandler Alm, Senior Accountant at Chemtek. Chemtek has been able to start doing progress billings during a project, instead of waiting until a job is completed to retroactively determine invoicing.

Data continues to flow even after business hours. Technicians are able to submit purchase requests via the Device Magic mobile app and a purchase order number is returned automatically - eliminating the need to wait for a next-day response from accounting. This keeps projects moving forward and allows them to be completed faster and on schedule.

“There’s a lot of moving parts to jobs in the field,” said Dusan Babich, CEO and co-founder of Device Magic. “Being able to request parts, send daily job statuses and receipts all from your mobile device instantly eliminates paperwork issues, time lapses and saves administrative hours.”

About Chemtek

Located in North Carolina, Chemtek is a manufacturer, distributor, and contractor with sales in over 30 countries. They have made air travel safer through their research and innovation, as well as committing to environmental responsibility in the development of products, procedures, and services. Chemtek can be reached at

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