Automate Your Workflows Across Departments with Dispatch

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Jess McWeeney

What is Dispatch?

Dispatch is a feature in the Device Magic Enterprise plan that allows you to complete two different functions.

  1. Send a partially completed form to a device for final completion.
  2. Setup a workflow to complete a single form with with multiple versions as part of a workflow.

That second feature allows you to automate the collection and distribution of the data you gather between teams.

In this blog post, we’ll walk through a step-by-step guide on creating a Dispatch workflow with various Destinations within our product.

Using a Dispatch workflow to automate your processes.

Imagine you have an installation form that needs to be completed by three different individuals. This form is nearly identical for these individuals, but each person needs the data from the previous person in order to complete their section. You don’t want to have three separate forms, nor do you want each person to have to wait to be handed the partially completed form so they can complete their section. You want to automate the whole process so the appropriate people get all the right information at the right time. That’s what a Dispatch workflow can do!

Setting up your forms.

For this example, we will create a workflow that includes a Sales rep, Technician, Technical Supervisor, and Accounting. In this example, there will be three forms in your Device Magic account. Each one contains more information than the next. Accounting will not have a form to complete. They will simply receive the completed information at the end of the workflow. Here are our three forms for the various departments:

Screenshot 2016-10-19 14.42.25 Screenshot 2016-10-19 14.44.20

The "New Client Installation" form for Sales

Screenshot 2016-10-19 14.48.03

The "New Client Installation" form for Technicians

Screenshot 2016-10-19 14.51.28

The "New Client Installation" form for Technical Supervisors.

Setting up your Destinations.

NOTE: For this example, we’ll be using the same device for all Dispatch Destinations, but you can use different devices.

Step 1: Sales Department - Dispatch Destination

Within your "New Client Installation" form for Sales, click "Destinations", then "New Destination".

Screenshot 2016-10-19 14.53.20

Select "Dispatch" as your Destination and "XML" as your format.

Screenshot 2016-10-19 14.54.43

Name your Destination and set it to "Active".

Screenshot 2016-10-19 14.55.59

Select the form you want to dispatch. In this example, that will be the "New Client Installation" form for the Technician.

Screenshot 2016-10-19 14.57.09

Use the placeholders to:

  • Name your Dispatch
  • Give the form a description
  • Populate the fields on the Technician’s form from the completed Sales form

Naming your form and giving it a descriptions makes it easier for users to know which form to complete next.

Screenshot 2016-10-19 14.58.59

Finally, click "Create Destination".

Screenshot 2016-10-19 15.00.00

Step 2: Technician - Dispatch Destination

Now we need to create a Dispatch Destination for when the Technician completes his/her form. We'll set this up the same way we did for the Sales Dispatch Destination. Only this time, this Destination will include the submission data of the Technician's form and show us the questions for the Supervisor's form.

See below:

Screenshot 2016-10-19 15.02.57

Step 3: Technical Supervisor - Email Destination (Send a PDF to Accounting)

On the third and final "New Client Installation" form for the Technical Supervisor, you’ll create an email Destination that will deliver a PDF file with the completed data from all three forms directly to your Accounting team.

Create a new Destination for the "New Client Installation" form for the Technical Supervisor. Select "Email" as the Destination and "PDF" as the format.

Device Magic form builder dashboard - email Destination with PDF format

Expand your Adobe PDF options and download the sample PDF template:

Screenshot 2016-10-19 15.06.09

This template shows you what data can be displayed on the PDF:

Screenshot 2016-10-19 15.08.54

Here, you can remove any data your Accounting department doesn’t need. For this example, we'll delete all data expect for the following fields:

Date {fields.Date}

Client Name {fields.Client_Name}

Address {fields.Address}

Contact Person {fields.Contact_Person}

Contact Number {fields.Contact_Number}

Installation Type {fields.Installation_Type}

Date/Time of Installation {fields.Date__Time_of_Installation}

Technician {fields.Technician}

Comments {fields.Comments}

Customer Signature {fields.Customer_Signature}

Technician Signature {fields.Technician_Signature}

Supervisor Signature {fields.Supervisor_Signature}

Now, when the PDF is delivering to Account, they'll only see the above data.

Once you've updated the template, save and upload it back to your Destination. Make sure the "Use new template method" box is ticked.

Device Magic dashboard screenshot showing use new tamplate method

Finish creating your Destination by entering the email address of the Accounting department in the "Destination E-mail" field.

That's it! All your Destinations are set up and your process is ready to be automated.

What have we achieved?

We have achieved a Dispatch workflow with multiple Destinations. We have three different “New Client Installation” forms; one for Sales, one for Technicians, and one for Technical Supervisors.

  1. Sales completes their New Client Installation form.
    Once completed, the New Client Installation form for the Technician is automatically dispatched to the Technician’s device.
  2. The Technician completes his/her New Client Installation form second.
    Once completed, the New Client Installation form for the Technical Supervisor is automatically dispatched to the Supervisor’s device.
  3. The Technical Supervisor completes his/her New Client Installation form.
    Once completed, a completed PDF document with completed info from all three forms is emailed to the Accounting department.

Written by Schantel de Waal, Senior Customer Support Specialist at Device Magic.

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