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How a restaurant equipment service company is becoming a paperless office.

Posted by Lucas Einstein on May 5, 2016 6:17:53 AM
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Think about all those restaurants you pass each day on your way to work. Fast food, breakfast, coffee, local bistro. They all have equipment designed specifically for them. And when they need servicing, they call professional service companies trained to install and repair these pieces of equipment. Companies like Restaurant Equipment Service Group.

Restaurant Equipment Service Group (RES) is one of the premier sources of service solutions for cooking, refrigeration, HVAC, beverage, and ice machine maintenance and repair.

Evan Davis, IT & Asset Manager for RES, was responsible for streamlining their data collection from field techs and moving RES towards becoming a paperless office. He was able to do that with the help of Device Magic.

Device Magic is currently used by over 90 RES service technicians. The first thing Evan did when he started using Device Magic was replace the mandatory paper safety reports for vehicles and equipment with mobile forms. Today, RES utilizes mobile forms to collect preventative maintenance checklists, part requests, job site safety inspections, and service quotes.

A large part of what Device Magic replaced was emails from the field to the office.

Techs were completing their inspections and checklists on paper, then re-entering the information into an email that was then sent to Evan in the office, who was then re-entering the data again into an Excel spreadsheet. Not exactly a streamlined scenario.


Restaurant Equipment Service Group's story isn't an uncommon one.

There are numerous industries where collecting data from the field is a major issue. Industries where re-entering data or relying on completed paperwork is the best option. Industries where phrases like "cloud-based" and "mobile technology" are daunting to hear. However, more and more companies like RES are seeing the value in these phrases and their corresponding products. Why? Because they're making their businesses more efficient and saving them real dollars. And at the end of the day, what business doesn’t want that?

Read the full case study on how Evan and the team at RES use Device Magic to save hours each week and thousands of dollars each year.

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