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Arlington Heavy Hauling - Case Study

Posted by Lucas Einstein on Jun 5, 2013 5:24:49 AM
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Gary Ayers of Arlington Heavy Hauling recently decided to move his operation to Mobile Forms from Device Magic and go paperless. His experience was very positive and his favorite feature is “instantly being able to update everything.” It was easy to get started and Device Magic’s Mobile Forms offers many advantages over Arlington Heavy Hauling’s old system. Overall, everyone at Arlington Heavy Hauling is very happy with the upgrade.

Before Mobile Forms from Device Magic:

Gary says Arlington Heavy Hauling “used an antiquated system that was satellite based” before they used Device Magic to update their system. This system had no graphical interface and it required drivers to complete forms while they were on the road. There were five different forms that needed to be completed for each load and this system failed to meet the demands of their business. To improve efficiency they would need to find another way.

Getting Started:

As Gary looked for solutions to the problem that Arlington Heavy Hauling was facing, Device Magic was an obvious choice. The company purchased 7” HTC Android tablets for its drivers and began the process of transitioning to paperless forms. Gary says, “It took me about a week to be comfortable with it.” Now he is so comfortable with the system that he has begun creating surveys to bring data from his drivers into dispatch meetings. Device Magic’s Mobile Forms helps him to quickly develop, deploy, and analyze survey data.

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Advantages Using Mobile Forms:

Arlington Heavy Hauling has experienced many advantages since going paperless with Device Magic. Rather than listing them all, they've been collected into three primary categories. Some benefits have had an effect on efficiency, some have impacted accuracy, and others can be seen in the company's bottom line. Many of these benefits impact multiple areas since improvements in efficiency and accuracy tend to create cost savings as well.


Having the ability to accurately track every stage of a haul allows dispatchers to relay detailed information to the customer. This means customers are more satisfied with the service and dispatchers spend less time tracking down information about a haul. Every form and photo uploaded into the system by a drive includes a timestamp and GPS data. Dispatchers can use this information to track a haul or send assistance in the event of a flat tire or other emergency. Gary says, “[Drivers] can upload a blown tire, for example, and we can utilize the GPS to get them help.” This helps to keep drivers safe and speeds up the whole maintenance request.


The entire haul is much more accurate now. Arlington Heavy Hauling can now monitor every stage of the process, from checking the haul through delivery and transfer. As mentioned above, this information makes the whole delivery more efficient. However, it also increases accuracy by providing data to analyze deliveries. Time stamps and GPS data can be loaded into a table to calculate the efficiency of different routes and drivers. It is now very easy to see if a delivery is off schedule and the problem can be addressed in advance.

Cost Savings

Gary hasn't implemented any specific measures to determine the exact cost savings from the switch to Device Magic’s Mobile Forms. However, he said “it has tremendously streamlined communication, which translates to saved time, and probably money.” Arlington Heavy Hauling is very happy with their decision to use Mobile Forms from Device Magic.

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